First Party Insurance

At Elam & Burke, we understand the needs of the insurance industry. Since 1923, we have been a long-standing litigation partner and advisor to insurance companies to mitigate risk, protect insurers’ interests and provide practical solutions to the complex issues that arise.  We regularly advise and defend insurers regarding first-party insurance claims, including potential bad faith allegations.

Our team provides representation for insurers in various first-party insurance contexts, including:

  • Coverage Opinions
  • Reservations of Rights
  • Coverage Denials
  • Tenders and Subrogation Demands
  • Investigation and analysis of first-party coverage claims, including Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist claims
  • Defense of Breach of Contract Claims
  • Defense of Bad Faith Claims
  • General Advice regarding Idaho law applicable to first and third-party claims

We advocate for insurers in the face of bad faith claims, including alleged improper denial or delay of benefit payments.  We also provide insurers with legal advice concerning the formulation and interpretation of policies, with a focus on reducing potential risks, including those related to bad faith claims. Our team stays updated with the latest case law, ensuring our clients receive proactive, legally sound guidance.

With a reputation built on integrity, skill, and efficiency, Elam & Burke provides reliable, cost-effective solutions for insurance companies.

Please reach out to our team with questions about your insurance-related matters at (208) 343-5454.