Team-Oriented & Culture-Driven

At Elam & Burke, we take pride in creating a work environment where employees learn, grow, and stay.

Having a supportive law firm culture doesn’t happen on accident—it takes intentionality, effort, and leading by example. We believe a few things set us apart.

First, we are deliberate about who we hire. We treat one another with respect, always, and uphold high standards in high pressure situations.

Second, transparency is paramount. We build trust and engagement by having a well-informed workforce.

Third, we take the time to mentor our young attorneys, and provide them with opportunities to gain experience and get out of their comfort zones.

Fourth, we recognize that content employees not only make the best teammates, but also provide superior work product.  We will always work hard for our clients, but don’t ascribe to burnout culture. Flexible work hours and remote work options are the norm.

While there is always room for improvement, we are proud to work in a place where many of our attorneys and professional staff have chosen to spend the majority of their careers. If you are an attorney or professional looking to join a place like Elam & Burke, we welcome hearing from you.

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