Mediation and Arbitration

At Elam & Burke, we actively engage in mediation and arbitration, offering a viable alternative to traditional court litigation. Our experienced attorneys work diligently to resolve various legal disputes, driven by a commitment to achieving just results for the parties who retain our dispute resolution services. We help parties avoid the time-consuming, stressful, and costly process of traditional litigation, replacing it with a more efficient, effective, and cooperative method of dispute resolution.

As mediators, our lawyers act as catalysts for effective communication, fostering a level of understanding among parties involved in a legal dispute. As impartial intermediaries, we navigate through contentious issues toward solutions that are mutually beneficial – identifying common ground, bridging gaps, and striving toward equitable solutions leading to preserved relationships and minimized legal expenses.

In arbitration, we excel in offering a streamlined, cost-effective alternative to court trials. Our experienced arbitrators act as private judges, making binding decisions after carefully examining the evidence and arguments presented by both sides. Our approach ensures fairness and transparency throughout the process, ultimately leading to just outcomes.

In cases meeting the parameters required for participation in mediation or evaluation under Idaho’s Small Lawsuit Resolution Act (SLRA), we offer experienced mediation and evaluation services tailored to the needs of those disputes that seek relatively modest recovery, while understanding that the material issues to be decided are important and impactful for the parties involved.

Whether your dispute involves business contracts, employment issues, personal injury, real estate matters, or any other legal area, Elam & Burke can assist in your mediation, arbitration and SLRA needs.

Please reach out to our team with questions about your matter at (208) 343-5454.