Our administrative and legislative team is dedicated to representing the interests of our clients at every level of government. Whether advocating before the Idaho Legislature or appearing before governmental agencies, our team is equipped to handle a wide range of administrative matters, including:

  • Professional Licensing and Disciplinary Matters
  • Permitting and Zoning Applications
  • Rulemaking and Legislative Advocacy
  • Administrative Appeals

Through our advocacy efforts, we have worked with administrative agencies, legislators, and policymakers on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their voices are heard in matters that impact their business or personal interests. We understand the importance of effective communication and building strong relationships with key decision-makers, and we use every tool at our disposal to advance our clients’ interests.

At the end of the day, our goal is always to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We are proud of our track record of success and are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of service to those we represent.

Please reach out to our team with questions about your matter at (208) 343-5454.