Gans and Other Young Lawyers Join Forces with Three Square Food Bank for Community Outreach

Big shoutout to our Shareholder, Jaclyn Gans, for her incredible work at a recent young lawyers conference! Jackie and the other young lawyers partnered with the amazing Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas.

The young lawyers lent their helping hands to a series of impactful initiatives. Together, they took part in packing an impressive 175 produce bags, each destined to reach families facing food insecurity within the local community. Their efforts extended beyond this as they dedicated themselves to creating Backpack for Kids Bags, ensuring that children struggling with food insecurity would have access to stable and nourishing meals.

The event also saw Jackie and her peers sorting through donated food items that will soon be distributed to individuals in need throughout the Southern Nevada Community. The commitment and dedication displayed by the young lawyers reflect their genuine concern for the well-being of those less fortunate.