Elam & Burke is proud to congratulate William Dryden, a recipient of this year’s Idaho State Bar Professionalism Award! The award is given to individuals who have engaged in his or her community, in the state, or in the profession, which reflect the highest standards of professionalism. The award was represented to William at the Fourth District Resolution Meeting on November 7th. See what he had to say about his ideals, inspiration and advice:

IDEALS: “The attributes which immediately come to mind include members who are principled, honest, respectful, capable, and straightforward in terms of their assessment of the case and who the litigants actually are.”
INSPIRATION: “In my youth, I was able to watch my Dad (a lawyer of course), his partners, associates, and assistants practice law in their day. They loved what they did. They enjoyed it. I thought to myself many times: If I ever practice law, I want to have the experience they are having.”
ADVICE: “Private practice and trials require incredibly hard work. You have to put in the time. You have to be prepared. You have to anticipate. Maybe most importantly, you have to develop and keep anticipating perspective about your career, your family, and your mental and physical health.”